Yin and Yang of Connections

The Surprising Yin and Yang of New #Purpletalent Connections

I am thrilled to have met in person a wonderful, new #connection.   I know it is good to interact with a variety of differently wired professionals, but you’ve got to laugh when you meet someone who shares a professional background and a physical health challenge in a rather surprising and ‘handy’ way.…

Yvette Sargood has, like me, led those talent roundtables, developed the strategy decks and provided those real-time coaching sessions to senior executives. We also share a deep commitment and interest in mindfulness and how it helps leaders be more effective.

One delightful thing no one would realise, if we hadn’t met in person, is that our MS is complementary – My left hand and Yvette’s right hand appreciated knowing we had created a #psychologically safe place for each other and appreciated the collaboration on #purpletalent.

I am also excited and inspired by the energy of @PurpleSpace In shifting the agenda for disabled talent as inclusive, confident conversations become part of the living culture of their courageous member organisations.

For Yvette and me, the precious and amusing experience was knowing our combined strengths have a complementary quality about them.

Go to www.purpletalent.co.uk to find out more.


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