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Human Uniqueness to Life

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Helping you with the know-how to accomplish your most important needs for your work, your life and your key relationships.

Coaching Programmes

Typically a Kickstart Programme will begin your journey and set you up to run with your own momentum.
Together we will frame the monthly and weekly goals for you to thrive in a way that totally resonates with who you are, authentically and as a catalyst for the impact you seek.


Meet the dimensions of your personality and your impact on others; fine-tune your aim & skills to collaborate in vital relationships.


Tackle change outside your comfort zone building confidence to enable a more well-rounded expanded perspective.


Accelerate a specific goal applying depth of focus to skills that require urgent attention for a particular result.


Develop the wisdom to calibrate the subtleties of communication, working collaboratively to foster a growth mindset.

Caroline Dove

Inspiration for the Human Catalyst Programmes

Meet Caroline

Caroline has enjoyed a varied career spanning three decades in corporate consulting, leadership coaching and organisational transformation through first-hand experience of partnering with professional’s at the top of their game.

Experiential Discovery

Have you ever pinned down what really “resonates” for you so that you can derive that delicious “hit” you get from nailing a challenging project in areas of your life that make you feel human too? 

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