From time to time, individuals need to explore their issues in a confidential and safe environment that boosts confidence and explores vulnerabilities. It might be also that a leader needs to walk through their priorities and milestones, organising how these may land with others in their mind.

In these conversations the matter of neurodiversity inevitably now occurs given that 15-20 % of the population is thought to be neurodivergent and many are grappling with important new information as it relates to their family or work colleagues. 

Often times Neurotypical leaders find it beneficial to discuss the impact that neurodiversity is having on their teams, especially where colleagues appear to be Neurodivergent, but the situation is unclear. Challenges particularly occur when a long-term history of masking Neurodiversity has occurred, when a diagnosis is new or awaited, or when individuals experience the challenges of dysfunctional blind spots not being identified.

The arrival of the Equal Opportunities Act of 2020 marked a watershed in UK law for it covers those who have a clear diagnosis, or medical evidence to show their impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to do day-to-day activities. Whilst employers are rapidy identifying the risks organisationwide, many employees preferring to ignore their suspicions or opting to find their own solutions. The situation is potentially littered with legal landmines for the organisation. For the individual, where a disabled label is avoided, the stigma may loom. In these situations, challenging conversations and clear direction can also trigger a number of existential past crises. Conversely, for the now increasing number of professionals getting a diagnosis, support may be welcomed in managing the identity issues and alternative strategies required for career progression. Emotions typically run high and an objective, neutral presence who can guide or coach can be beneficial.

As more people learn to become proud of their neurodiversity, the indicative 15-20% who come out of the closet is set to increase.

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