Effective teams are what makes organisations tick and being in one helps us to be at our best too.

The process often begins at a stakeholder meeting with the key parties to flesh out what the required outcome is. Diagnosis of the required focus might involve further interviews with participants before a solution is proposed.

Our team solutions may work through the Prism of psychosynthesis, an innovation in team building which draws out the conscious and unconscious triggers that can enable the team to work through blocks and galvanise opportunities.

By seeing things through the prism of past, present and future of teams as well as the embodied, mental and emotional dimensions we are able to gain the perspective vital for team inclusion. Team boosting sessions are then facilitated by accredited Psychosynthesis Coaches who are trained in team dynamics and relationships.   It’s in engaged relationship with others that we synthesise ideas and solutions that bring about growth and impact in the context of environment, systems and culture.

Sessions start at entry level team building, which emphasises awareness raising for new teams, and progresses through to more complex solutions depending on the stage of team evolution, challenges and performance goals.

Workshops may also be run to raise awareness on topics around neurodiversity facilitated by expert Neurodiverse thought leaders.

At the design stage we draw on:

Engagement and organisational culture surveys, psychometrics, appreciative inquiry, and can design bespoke diagnostics.

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