Our Diversity Edge

We provide talent solutions and person-centred interventions, such as consultancy, 1:1 coaching, workshops and team facilitation, advancing inclusion of diverse capabilities in large organisations. Our lived experience of neurodiversity and disability, working with senior leaders and top talent, is balanced with a deep understanding of supporting leaders and talent who must deliver in the neurotypical world.

In the spirit of embracing diversity, our Catalysts are diverse. 2/3 of our team manage their Neurodivergence or disability, so we understand the issues in depth and yet fully aware of the importance of a constructive approach to collaboration for optimal results. When you work with us you can expect solutions at the organisational level based on the experience of your people and the interplay required with leaders and other professionals. Team based workshops and facilitation typically draw out opportunities and challenges in patterns of communication and facilitates sustainable problem-solving with clear boundaries and contracting. Individual level coaching and mentoring favours a person-centred individual approach where confidence is boosted to honour talents and engage more fully in teams, systems and organisations.

The Catalysts

Our collaborative solutions:

1. Research, Consultancy & Facilitation
2. Leadership Training
3. Leadership Coaching
4. Neurodiverse Talent Coaching
5. Purple Talent Coaching
6. Team Collaboration Interventions

Once our creative spark identifies the scope for solutions at the team and organisational level, however it is the reliable rigour of collaborators who delight in implementing the details that are crucial for your project. We live and breathe inclusion and have developed the grit and perseverance required in becoming our best selves through experience and accelerated professional development. We are seasoned and accredited professionals who have also worked in the large organisation space. Our mission is to guide professionals to channel their curiosity to better understand, evolve and flourish.

Caroline Dove

Innovative – Motivating – Balanced – Collaborative solutions – ADHD, registered blind & managing MS

Jess Meredith

Engaging – Impactful – Speaker – Fun – ADHD

Sophie Martin

Investigative & Curious – Systems & culture evolution – Autistic & Dyslexic

Yvette Sargood

Leadership agenda and coach – Strategic Talent pipeline – managing MS

Houda Zine

Team and leadership coach – STEM – Practical solutions

Peter Stewart

Team and careers coach – Creative spark

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