The Key to Flourishing Inclusively – Think Interdependently

What is the secret to succeeding with inclusion? The people I meet who flourish have not only discovered and have confidence in their strengths, but also have found some way to transform the disadvantages they have experienced in life.

More simply put, to thrive it’s worth taking the time to become comfortable in your own skin.

Neurodiversity is now increasingly accepted as an important facet of what enables humanity to thrive. Disability affects all of us increasingly with the passage of time and may require us to let go of doing everything ourselves.

Interdependence requires courage and wisdom in knowing and accepting our vulnerabilities, and having strategies so we alone don’t need to be trapped in an isolated view of the world.

Tips for collaborating interdependently with others:

1. Demonstrate your full range of strengths (get in touch with your diversity).
2. Decide how you will benefit from the different strengths of others without getting insecure about where you need their involvement.


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