Caroline Dove Coaching

I have an instinct for deep listening, so I quickly get on the client’s page. I work at the emotional, cognitive, personal identity and purpose levels examining what is happening for you consciously and unconsciously.  Our goal is clarity in where you want to be and how you will put the pieces in place for you to do that.

Coaching Programmes for Individuals
and Teams

Each journey is individual and your coaching programme with me will be as unique as you are.

In the beginning, sessions may be intense and frequent to jumpstart your focus. We agree on how best to nudge your awareness in learning new habits and the best way to reinforce the learning given your learning style.

I believe diversity exists in us all, and yet we share many things in common. Limiting beliefs, hopes and fears as well as the capacity to evolve to be our best when the conditions are well set up. As a trusted partner in your professional adventure, I offer three key areas of focus in my coaching work

Executive Coaching

Assignments will be focused on a combination of organisational and personal goals. We may work with your HR / L&D team if required.  I support you in building your leadership agenda and have extensive experience in navigating the complexities of large corporates in the public and private sectors as well as SMEs.

I understand the pressures of the C suite and the challenges of managing vast complexity as well as the uncertainty caused by contextual volatility. 

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We all have blind spots. A 360 tool, or an informal internal reputation audit with colleagues, can help you be more aware and put you in the driving seat to implement changes important to you.

Career Coaching

There are times when it is necessary to gain perspective on the professional path we are consciously taking.  Will doing more of what you are currently doing get you to where you want to be?  It is easy to get unconsciously stuck in a rut.

We look at the essence of who you really and nurture the green shoots that seek expression for you to reach your fuller potential.

Following an online assessment, you’ll receive a personalized debrief of your MBTI type, unique strengths and areas for development and blind spots. At the team level, the MBTI gives insight and appreciation into the ways that team member’s styles and preferences might be different from other team members and helps everyone understand how to use differences to strengthen the team.

Life Coaching

Happiness and fulfilment ultimately come down to satisfaction with who we are and the life we have been able to create for our purposes. Often interpersonal relationships with others, create conflicts and dissatisfaction. Caroline provides insight and sounding board sense-checking that enables perspective, decision-making and the development of new confidence, and skills. She boosts the client’s resourcefulness in a having agency in their lives.

A personalized debrief of your EQ report that focuses on your capacity to drive success in four areas: generating results; building and maintaining relationships; maintaining optimal energy and functioning; and maintaining balance and satisfaction. You will leave equipped with an immediate action plan to improve eight essential emotional intelligence skills.

Inclusive Leadership

If you are interested in working at a more advanced level of inclusive Leadership , you will need to cultivate 4 strengths.
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Team Coaching

  • Opens the way for the emergence of a teams’ full potential and collective intelligence.
  • Draws out what is unconscious, unspoken or unacknowledged within the team to accelerate and support learning edge.
  • Encourages being curious in emerging moments, holding the group as they tackle the challenges of ambiguity and not knowing, finding their way to navigate through change.
  • Develops a shared sense of meaning and future objectives.
  • Uses pertinent questions on difference and connection.
Team Coaching

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