Hello Neurodiversity Trailblazers!

Hello Neurodiversity Trailblazers!

Jess Meredith and I had the pleasure of reuniting with the #KingsFund this week during the incredible Top Management signature programme for senior leaders in health and social care. We represented the neurodiverse tribe, to help the leaders of the future develop their strategy for more enlightened change in their organisations across systems.   Great to engage in conversations that were real and sometimes edgy. It makes a great difference when the leader is fully present to understand the whole story and get under the skin of difficult topics. Thanks to 🚀 Mark Pearson and team for creating a safe environment committed to ambitious change for the better in our communities.

We realised on our long train journey home back home to Brighton from Crewe that, between us, we guide and support the whole Neurodiversity Work Lifecycle: Jess Meredith an expert in education and with young adults, me: professionals as they navigate the intensities, challenges and transitions of the workplace.

As you wrestle with your own way of working, what is the learning edge in how your neurodiverse preferences impact on your teams?


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